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Technology has always served medicine by making early and accurate diagnoses and providing better access to care.

Aware of the realities that each individual must face in the face of disease in Madagascar, AROVY, a medical center, advocates digitalization as part of the patient's health pathway.

This digitalization approach is part of the implementation of a digital medical file and a medical hotline.

DIGITAL MEDICAL RECORD: Simple, useful and secure

It allows you to keep all your health information online (treatments, test results, prescriptions, allergies...), to make them available for any consultation and to facilitate emergency treatment. AROVY ensures the security of confidential patient data and the reliability of their transfer.

MEDICAL TELEPHONE ASSISTANCE: Listening, support and intervention

AROVY offers you the possibility to get a first medical opinion on your health condition and to direct you to the most appropriate care. This coordination facilitates :

  • Direct contact with the emergency room
  • The creation of your medical file online

The service is made up of doctors who are available 24/7 and can be reached at 032 23 217 17.